Important note for all users

This PlanetLab Europe portal suffered an extended outage. We have brought it back online as of 29 May 2017, but some steps are needed to fully reestablish your account:

You will need to set a new password. Click on "Forgot your password?" in the login box on the right. Provide your e-mail address, and follow the instructions that you receive via e-mail.

Please check that you are correctly associated with your "site", or home institution.

PlanetLab Europe Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Our Acceptable Use Policy defines acceptable practices relating to the use of PlanetLab Europe's services by the users of PlanetLab Europe. By using PlanetLab Europe, all the different institutions acknowledge that they are reponsible for their users and that PlanetLab Europe can't be held responsible if their users process sensitive data or hijack the service and use it to attack or spam other nodes or network users.

Welcome to PlanetLab Europe

PlanetLab Europe is the European portion of the publicly available PlanetLab testbed, a global facility for the deployment of new network services.

Since 2008, hundreds researchers at top academic institutions and industrial research labs have tested their experimental technologies on PlanetLab Europe, including: distributed storage, network mapping, peer-to-peer systems, distributed hash tables, and query processing.

As of February 2015, PlanetLab Europe consists of 343 nodes at 205 sites (latest figures here).


PlanetLab Europe nodes PlanetLab Central nodes
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Through federation with other testbeds, PlanetLab Europe users have access to varied resources on over a thousand nodes located at more than 500 sites worldwide, as shown on the map, above. For further details of federated testbeds and shared resources available to PlanetLab Europe users, see our global resource overview page.

Further information on PlanetLab Europe is available here. PlanetLab Europe is part of the OneLab experimental facility.