Important note for all users

This PlanetLab Europe portal suffered an extended outage. We have brought it back online as of 29 May 2017, but some steps are needed to fully reestablish your account:

You will need to set a new password. Click on "Forgot your password?" in the login box on the right. Provide your e-mail address, and follow the instructions that you receive via e-mail.

Please check that you are correctly associated with your "site", or home institution.

PlanetLab Europe Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Our Acceptable Use Policy defines acceptable practices relating to the use of PlanetLab Europe's services by the users of PlanetLab Europe. By using PlanetLab Europe, all the different institutions acknowledge that they are reponsible for their users and that PlanetLab Europe can't be held responsible if their users process sensitive data or hijack the service and use it to attack or spam other nodes or network users.

Heartbleed bug and PlanetLab

There has been a lot of discussion recently in regard to a security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug.”
Heartbleed affects OpenSSL, used by a majority of the web to securely send data.

PlanetLab Europe web services have been updated with the latest, fixed, version of OpenSSL, while nodes don’t expose services affected by the Heartbleed bug.

OpenFlow support in PlanetLab

PlanetLab Europe (PLE) now supports OpenFlow capabilities through a modified version of OpenVSwtich called sliver-ovs. Experimenters will be able to create an OpenFlow overlay network by specifying the links between PLE nodes.
Tools and documentation are available here.

Google Summer of Code 2012

MySlice presented at GEC12

The MySlice user interface has been presented as a demo implementation to an American audience at the 12th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC12), November 2-4 2011 in Kansas City, USA.

Free documentation for PlanetLab testbed administrators

Set up and run your own PlanetLab testbed

The OneLab operations team has made the PlanetLab Europe management-level documentation set available, useful for those who wish to create their own PlanetLab testbed. It aims to document the management processes for a PlanetLab system (such as PlanetLab Europe or a private PlanetLab) based on the OneLab build software.

EmanicsLab Testbed Federates with PLE

We are pleased to announce the federation of the EmanicsLab testbed with PlanetLab Europe (PLE), and other testbeds in the EmanicsLab is a private PlanetLab testbed, and is managed by the Communication Systems Group at the University of Zurich.

PPK Testbed Federates with PLE

PLE-related Paper at ISCC 2010 Conference

The paper titled "UANM: a platform for experimenting with available bandwidth estimation tools" presented at the IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 10) in
Riccione (Italy), received the Best Paper Award (Local Category).

The paper is authored by Giuseppe Aceto, Alessio Botta, Antonio Pescapè, Maurizio D’Arienzo (CINI).

The program of the conference is at:

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