Welcome to PlanetLab Europe (PLE)

As of 3 May 2017, the PLE portal is down. The PLE team is working hard to bring it back up, but it may take several days.

In the meantime all slices continue to run on their PLE nodes, and remain available. If you are a user, from PLE or from one of our partners (Planet Lab Central in the US, EMANICS Lab, OneLab, Fed4FIRE...), and you had access to your slice prior to the portal going down, you can still connect via SSH to each of the nodes. We cannot easily add new slices or modify existing ones (adding/removing nodes, users, etc.) at this time.

For urgent matters, you may contact us at support@planet-lab.eu.

I am aware that each PLE site contributes to the infrastructure and has every right to expect that we do a good job of keeping it running. I apologize for this failure and for the inconvenience that this is causing those of you who have experiments running on the platform, or who were about to start an experiment.

Sincerely yours,

Timur Friedman
President, PlanetLab Europe