The User's Guide is targeted at users of PlanetLab Europe: researchers, educators, and students who run experiments, develop applications, or maintain services on PlanetLab Europe. The User's Guide contains a short primer on PlanetLab Europe terminology and account maintenance that may be useful for new Principal Investigators and Technical Contacts as well.

This document is a guide for users developing applications on PlanetLab Europe. This guide is not a comprehensive reference and is simply intended to help new users access PlanetLab Europe for the first time.

The following introductory steps need to be completed before the user starts using PlanetLab Europe. Some of these steps are to be completed by the user, others by the principal investigator and others by the technical contact. All the tasks are identified in this list by who is responsible for completion. In the case of small sites, the User, the Principal Investigator (PI), and the Technical Contact (TC) may be the same person. The larger the institution, the more likely the tasks will be completed by different people.

  1. Registering with PLE (User)
  2. Creating Local Infrastructure (User)
  3. Joining PLE (PI)
  4. Registering with PLE (PI and TC)
  5. Adding Nodes (TC)
  6. Creating Slices (PI)
  7. Enabling Users (PI)
  8. Generating an SSH Key (User)
  9. Deploying Slices (User)
  10. Accessing Slivers (User)

The responsibilities for the PI and the Tech Contact are explained in the Principal Investigator's Guide and the Technical Contact's Guide