Accessing Slivers

Your user name is your slice name
E.g. with OpenSSH:

*ssh -l irb_phi \
-i ~/.ssh/id_planetlab \

sudo yum install gcc

  • sudo allows you to be root in your sliver
  • yum is the redhat package manager
  • You can use any RPM packages you want in your sliver
  • Caveat Emptor: yum may take up to one hour to initialize and begin installation of your packages

scp -l huji_dimes \
-i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -r \

  • Copy localdir to the remote machine
  • rsync -a -e “ssh -l huji_dimes” \

  • Update the remote directory. Copies only those files that are different
  • Copy binaries to the node to run
    • scp or rsync works for small numbers of nodes
    • Ensure library dependencies are satisfied