Installing Java

If you want to run Java programs, you must install Java Runtime. You have three options for installing Java.

  1. Installing Gnu Java Compiler (gcj)
  2. Log into your slice

    Type: sudo yum -y install java -<version number>

  3. Installing Open Source Java
  4. Log into your slice

    Type: sudu yum -y install java -<version number>

  5. Installing Sun Java
  • Download a JRE from Sun Java
  • Copy the file to your slice using scp
  • Type: scp slicename@node

  • Read the installation notes
  • You will probably want to run most of these commands as root using sudo.

    To make a directory called /usr/java:

    sudo mkdir/usr/java

    To make the package you downloaded executable:

    chmod a+x jre-linux-i586-rpm.bin jre-6u-linux-i586-rpm.bin

    To make the package you downloaded executable. There should be a call to ./jre-linux-i586-rpm.bin jre-6u-linux-i586-rpm.bin:

    sudo mv ./jre-6u-linux-i586.rpm/usr/java

    To change directory to /usr/java:


    As root, run the package to perform the final installation:

    sudo rpm-iv ./jre-6u-linux-i586.rpm